“I purchased my female English Pointer (Miss Chopper) from Bailey Farms in the winter of 2008. After I did a good year long research into the English Pointer breed. I had come across The Bailey Farms website one day while I was looking around at pups and breeders. I noticed that I always kept coming back to The Bailey Farms Website, Outstanding Dogs and Adorable Puppies! Everything I was looking for and more. I then decided they would be my breeder of choice when I was ready to get a pup. I had a few long e-mail conversations with Nard, and he was able to answer all my questions in a timely manner. I just had a great feeling. I decided in the fall of 2008 I was ready to make my purchase.

On November 1st 2008 I had received an e-mail that my pup was born and photos would be posted soon so I could pick him/her out. 6 long weeks later I was on my way from Spokane WA to CA to pick her up. I was very impressed with how well kept his dogs are. I have never seen dog kennels like the one’s he has, Very Clean! He’s not just a breeder; he treats each dog like a member of the family. I remember his wife was cooking something warm for the dogs to eat that chilly winter morning. I found myself staying later then I had anticipated. I ended up making that 13 hour drive home. But my friendship never ended with Bailey Farms. Anytime I’ve had a question or needed some advice I can always count on Nard having an answer for me! Thanks again for everything, and one outstanding dog!”

— Jenn Gustafson (Great Falls, MT)