Bailey Farms
Nard Bailey
P.O.Box 961
Alturas, CA, 96101
Cell 209-815-7970
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 Bailey Farms is located in Modoc County, in the northeast corner of  California. No matter from which direction you come when you approach  Alturas you will see the motto ' Where The West Still Lives' - and it does.

 In 1995 we bought 80 acres of sage brush, juniper trees and dry land. Now, if you come to visit, from the road you'll drive up 1/2 a mile to the house. It sits on a ridge that runs through the  property. So look west, below the house and you will see the pond we  built. Our great well keeps it filled for the enjoyment of wildlife -  quail, ducks, geese, sandhill cranes, deer, rabbits, bob cats, skunks, snakes. These are just some of the animals we have seen. The pond is  full of gold fish from Wal-Mart. We put in 30 and now there are 100s,  some 10 inches or more. Look futher and you will see the field we  cleared and another pond that fills with winter water. Look farther  still and see the snow on Mt.Shasta, 160 miles away. North is Devils  Garden, prime area for hunting mule deer, if you are lucky enough to  draw a tag. East you will see the dog kennels and the fenced acre they  have to run in. Valley Quail sleep in a tree next to the kennel.  Across the back is 17 acres we cleared and planted in wheat and rye.  Look a couple miles further and you will see Alturas, with the Warner  Mountains as a back drop. South is the barn we built, horse pens and a  field of horses. Jane trimmed up most of the juniper trees - so they look like trees. And there is still plenty of room to run a dog or  ride a horse.

 Dogs and horses have been a part of Nards life for  more than 30 years. And though this place will always be a "work in  progress", we already have a head start on it becoming a great facility for pointers and Peruvian Pasos.

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